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Olivine/Peridot. The Gem Form Of Olivine Is Called Peridot Or Chlorite. It Is Found In Meteorites And In Deep Rock That may Be Brought To The Surface During Volcanic Activity.  
It Was Regarded As A Wondrous Stone In Many Ancient Cultures, Including The Ancient Egyptians, Who Mistakenly Called Peridots Emeralds. 
Zodiac Association: Taurus

* Just A Reminder: ALL Gemstones And Crystals Or Your Old Jewelry You Don't Wear Much Can Be Made Into A Custom Designed Creation. Tell Us What You Need And Laura Can Make It At A Better Cost In A Shorter Time (Estimated Time Depends On The Season But Compare And You Will Be Surprised At The Estimate) And With Quality Craftsmanship You Won't Find Elsewhere. Guaranteed! PERIDOT IS THE AUGUST BIRTHSTONE OF THE MONTH. 

*All Information On History And Alleged Healing Properties Of Stones And Crystals On This Site Is Quoted or Paraphrased From The Illustrated Directory
Of Healing Crystals Written By Cassandra Eason And Published By Collins & Brown. Our Other Main Reference Is The Encyclopedia Of Crystals By Judy Hall. We Encourage You To Research All Crystals And Stones On Your Own. Those Publications Are Great Places to Start As Well As Online.

* In No Way Guarantees Any Physical Or Psychological Benefit From Any Of The Items We Feature On This Site.

Olivine/Peridot - Each

  • ALL Items In This Category Obviously Are One Of A Kind - They Are Natural Crystals And Gems.
    Mortar And Pestle Sets All Differ As Well. We Can Take Requests For Color And Size And Will Do Our Best To Find What You Need.

    Our Selection Will Always Vary. Spheres Can Be Requested In Different Sizes But Availability Depends on The Suppliers. Other Gems, Rocks And Crystals We Buy As Available.

    As With Most Collections On This Site We Only Feature What Is In Stock. If You See Something You Need...Order It Now!
    It May Be Gone Tomorrow.

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